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- Site launched: 17/03/02
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Further information:       www.thecatenians.com  (main Association website)         www.catenamagazine.com  (Monthly magazine 'Catena')

Why Join the Catenians?

  • Meet socially and draw support from other Catholic laymen with similar values.

  • Become part of a close yet international community that offers lifelong support and friendship to members and their families.

  • Mix Socially with other likeminded Catholic laymen.

  • Enjoy interesting and varied social events for members and their families.

  • Provide collective support for the church and clergy.

  • Receive spiritual and practical support in times of difficulty or need.

The deep and lasting friendships, built on the solid foundation of shared faith and values, ensure a member is never alone whatever difficulties he or a member of his family encounters over the years. Difficulties such as bereavement, redundancy or serious illness; the everyday pressures of bringing up children, caring for elderly relatives and those with special needs; and the challenges to one's beliefs in the work place be it in the world of medicine, education or business where corporate employment or trading policies are contrary to justice and respect for human dignity.

For men who have recently joined the Church, becoming a Catenian can help you consolidate your move to becoming a Catholic. Whether you came via the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) or the Anglican Ordinariat or similar, the Catenian Association opens up to you a community of men and their families in your new-found Faith. You may explore this during the period of Initiation and once you are admitted to the Church can decide if becoming a Catenian is right for you and hopefully join.

The monthly meeting provides a time for relaxed enjoyment among supporting and faithful friends. If a Brother and his family have to relocate for any reason, the spread of Catenian Circles will often provide a ready-made and supportive Circle of friends.

Members' views

'I was in my late 30s when I joined the Catenians. I was working long hours in the City, had a young family and a mortgage. I was looking for something to work alongside my Mass attendance. I discovered the Catenians and joined it a few months later. Meetings were just one a month and I could juggle things to ensure I could get there. I was able to join in some of the social events with my family, particularly those timed for ease of attendance. Over the years being a Catenian has resulted in some long lasting friendships and definitely strengthened my Faith'.

'I am a convert to the Catholic Faith... and when invited to join the Catenian Association... I had no hesitation... What I was not prepared for was the strengthening of my family life and faith that came through regular fellowship with Catholic men within the Association'.

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