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What is the Catenian Association?

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Are You . . .
  • A  practicing catholic man?

  • Interested in developing a social life with like minded people in the York area?

  • Interested in including your family in activities and events?

  • Committed enough to develop a true long-lasting fellowship?

  • Yes?  We would like to hear from you. / Contact us.

The Catenian Association is an international body of Catholic men from a variety of backgrounds.

Founded in 1908, there are now over eleven thousand members in the UK, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malta.

Bound by their Catholicism, members of the Association have a number of objectives:

  • To be proudly Catholic and increase the Faith by way of personal and collective example.
  • To foster deep and long lasting Friendship amongst the members and their families.
  • To provide spiritual, financial and moral support for those in difficulty or need.
  • To provide support to the Catholic Clergy.
  • To assist young Catholics as they seek their way in early careers.

The Association is structured geographically to enable members (or 'Brothers' as they are known within the Association) to join collectively in the practice of their Faith, to enjoy the company of each other and to collectively support their parishes and the Diocese (as in helping to raise over 1,000,000 for the Priests' Retirement Fund, for example).

Members belong to 'Circles', of which there are 10 in Province 3 North, which covers North, East and West Yorkshire, including York.

There are monthly meetings, followed by a buffet, in addition to a range of other social and spiritual activities, usually involving family members.

There is an indefinable bond which makes the Association remarkably different from other organisations and there is a wide range of ages.

Potential Members are invited to get to know the Association before they make a decision to join.

Click on the image below to find out more about joining.